The following was originally published July 26, 2008 at
We (tandems, gear, and people) weigh 680 pounds. Two different truck weigh stations confirmed it.

Eugene was pavement-melting hot, much of the Oregon coast was wear-all-your-layers chilly and windy. Kite-flying weather. Today California is sunny-yahoo.

Dana's wildlife count includes a rough-skinned newt (They're orange on their underside), the tail end of a baby black bear, elk, sea lions ("they look like sausages" she reported from our cliffside riding viewpoint), a raccoon family, an evening with hundreds of pelicans, and some red-hot colored crawfish.

More than one hill has been 50minutes of pedalling in the lowest gear - but then there's those multiple miles of downhill. Tom's bike's top land speed record so far = 49.3 mi/hr.

Riding among the Redwoods, why pedal - just look around at the amazingly huge giant trees and breathe.

Even if you only need 58cents worth of gas (high octane, for the campstove), you can't pump it yourself in Oregon. "Don't touch that"said the attendant to the arm-outstretched Tom.

Noah's trading books at the 'take one, leave one' campground shelves, recently left Star Wars: In Mandolorian Armor for Jurassic Park.

Our kids on beaches = lots of holes dug and waves jumped.

We're changing up tandem partners every day. Less complaints about mom not going fast enough on the downhills.

Best campsite = too hard to call. The Redwoods Park backcountry freebie down a half-mile mountain bik trail, with a sunny seastacked beach?

We're having fun, and also looking forward to riding with our pals Mark and Jade starting at the Golden Gat Bridge on Aug 4. Who knows what else is up ahead?