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We've cleared shelves for our renter, the yard and garden are in the best shape we can manage, and the detailed bike trip/Mexico to-do list actually has most items crossed out. With two days until we get on the train to Eugene, Oregon to start our bike trip, we are making piles. One for the bike trip, one for life in Mexico (sent ahead to my sister's in San Diego), and then there was that pile we sent to Michigan already as we'll be there in January to celebrate Tom's parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Helping the kids, I mention another category, the everything else category, which I call "things you want to see when we get back."

external image 100_1361.JPGI bet there will be Playmobil in every pile. And books. Perhaps the constants show what is important to us no matter where we are. But of course the most important things aren't things I can physically put in a pile: the friends and family (and Annie the cat) we can't take take with us but will think of often. Did you know you were along for the ride? Feel free to comment or e-mail so we'll know you're out there, take care, and we'll see you later.
P.S. The second photo illustrates Playmobil that came along on the European bike trip, for those of you less familiar with those little toys. Wow, doesn't Noah look different just twoexternal image 100_1293.JPGyears ago. The bike photo is also from that trip, but shows just what we'll be doing for the next six weeks.